Polytoxic teamed up with internationally acclaimed design duo Craig & Karl and animator Pete Foley to create a spectacular new site-specific work for ‘Festival 2018’ at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games & Flowstate South Bank.

PRIVACY SETTINGS explores the seduction and allure of a surveillance-soaked society through an intoxicating blend of dance, theatre, costume design and colour-saturated pop-graphic visuals. Playful and cheeky, Polytoxic delves into a world where the screen consumes our lives; where snooping is an everyday activity and the lines of public vs private are indistinct.

Come play in this pop-inspired playground where you’re only as memorable as your last live feed.

Creation, Performance, Set and Costume Design: Polytoxic (Leah Shelton & Lisa Fa’alafi)
Visuals: Craig & Karl (Craig Redman & Karl Maier) 
Animation: Pete Foley
Sound Design: Busty Beatz
Production Manager: Ryan Mahoney
Projection Consultant: Blake Granston

Photos by Fenlan Chuang & James Green.

Initially developed in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse. Commissioned for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games “Festival 2018” with the support of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation, City of Gold Coast and Queensland Government and Commonwealth Games Federation.